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For the heart of the community, by the heart of the community.


Welcome to PEW PEEPS EXPO, the epic family-friendly event bringing together the favorite creators, entertainers, and innovators of the vast firearms community. We are dedicated to supporting the "pew pew" life, fostering positive representation, and promoting the values associated with the 2nd Amendment.

We recognize the importance of normalization, education, and coming together to preserve our rights. Our three-day event offers a unique platform for firearm enthusiasts, professionals, and families to connect, learn, and celebrate the awesome culture surrounding firearms.

Our Vision:  PEW PEEPS EXPO aims to be a catalyst for positive change, showcasing the best aspects of the firearms industry and community while fostering understanding and appreciation.

What to Expect: Join us for three days filled with awesome innovation, captivating entertainment, and a dope community of like-minded individuals. Support artists and charities, take photos with epic guns from the coolest collections, participate in cosplay activities, gaming, events, Q&As, meet & greets, and more!

Our Commitment: We are committed to prioritizing safety and responsible firearm ownership and dispelling ignorance through a welcoming atmosphere. At the end of the day, the industry alone doesn’t uphold the firearms community, the people do. We are in a time where normalization, education, and coming together for our fight in preserving our rights is absolutely critical.

Join Us: Whether you are a vendor, exhibitor, or attendee, we invite you to be a part of the PEW PEEPS EXPO community. Connect with fellow firearm enthusiasts, and engage in meaningful conversations and relationships that shape the future of our industry.

Explore our website for more information on our upcoming events, exhibitors, schedule, and how to get involved. Together, let's celebrate the positive aspects of the 2nd Amendment and build a stronger, more informed community.

See you there, Pew Peeps ♥



Paige McClurg, known as Paigeosity to many, is a professional doodler and fierce firearms enthusiast. Exasperated with the constant battle of livelihood-destroying censorship for things even remotely gun-related and ignorance that plagued her community, she pondered a solution through unity. And so, a long car ride later, spit-balling with her little brother, the idea of Pew Peeps Expo came to be.

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